Automotive Painting in Houston, TX

From painting your door panel after a recent accident to customizing your vehicle with a truly unique façade, V&V Paint and Body Shop is your destination for custom car paint in Houston, TX. Since 1971 we’ve been the premier provider of automotive painting services, and we take pride in showcasing our talents in the flawless, pristine paint jobs we deliver to our customers.

Custom Car Paint

After a collision, a vehicle may not quite look like itself until a thorough paint job. Scars and blemishes from the accident can remain behind, which need to be thoroughly painted to restore the integrity of the vehicle’s appearance.

Our team specializes not only in bodywork but also the painting that comes with it. We’ll paint your vehicle after frame repair so that it looks brand-new the next time you see it. Our customers see a night and day difference between the damaged auto they brought to us and the perfectly finished vehicle we deliver back to them!

Whether you need the paint on your car matched exactly to restore it after an accident or you’re refreshing your classic vehicle, trust the team at V&V Paint and Body Shop if you’re in the Houston, South Houston, or Pasadena, TX area to put in the work to make it look great. Contact us now for automotive painting or towing.

Experience the future of automotive refinishing at V&V Paint and Body Shop with our latest innovation, the cutting-edge PPG Moonwalk paint mixer. Unmatched in precision and efficiency, this state-of-the-art mixer revolutionizes the painting process, delivering flawlessly blended colors with unrivaled speed and accuracy. Trust our skilled technicians to enhance your vehicle’s appearance using this advanced technology, ensuring a seamless finish that will leave you in awe. At V&V Paint and Body Shop, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve, bringing you the finest in automotive painting solutions. Discover the power of PPG Moonwalk and witness automotive perfection like never before.

Visit us today and experience the future of paint mixing.